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Nationally Broadcast on Free Speech TV

Excerpts Nationally Broadcast on PBS

Directed by Robbie Leppzer

Music By Jackson Browne

A Turning Tide Production

31 minutes • DVD

       No one understands war and the military better than a veteran.  Yet many of America’s young people learn about war only from Hollywood, politicians, and recruiters.

       STRAIGHT TALK features five Vietnam veterans speaking to high school students about their first-hand experiences in war.  The veterans talk about their decisions to enter the military and share stories of combat and noncombat situations in Vietnam.  The video interweaves clips of the veterans’ own home-movie footage and photographs taken during their military tours.

       The documentary also offers glimpses of current high school military recruitment practices—the landing of an army helicopter on a high school football field and the screening of a military promotional video. The recruiters’ pitches to students contrast sharply with the poignant and revealing testimonies of the veterans.

        For many years following the war, most of the veterans profiled in this documentary had difficulty talking about their personal experiences in Vietnam.  In individual interviews, they describe how they overcame their fears about speaking out and how the process of sharing their stories with students has allowed them to further heal the psychic and emotional wounds carried over from the war.

        Passing on their hard-earned wisdom to the next generation of military-age youth, the veterans of STRAIGHT TALK share a compelling perspective on war that needs to be heard.


        "STRAIGHT TALK is a powerful statement about the real nature of war."
       Eugene Carroll, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Deputy Director, Center for Defense Information

        "Painful and critical observations shared by Vietnam War veterans.  Those who have survived combat know the real truth about war."
       Lon Grahnke, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

        "Students need to know the actual consequences of war on the soldiers who do the fighting.  The recruiting techniques in use today exploit the media glorification of bloodless war.  Our students deserve the opportunity to hear other viewpoints.  This film provides some interpretations of war by those who were the actual participants. I would recommend STRAIGHT TALK to any social studies teacher for a variety of discussion-oriented activities."
       Justin Duncan, social studies teacher, Pioneer Valley Regional High School,           Northfield, MA; Vietnam veteran (U.S. Army)

        "STRAIGHT TALK lives up to its title. The video is a valuable educational tool because it offers a variety of primary source material, which is vital to reaching a truer understanding of the issues surrounding the war."
       Elizabeth Cohen, English teacher, Southwick-Tolland Regional High School,           Southwick, MA

        "It is absolutely essential to carry both VIETNAM STORIES and STRAIGHT TALK on the shelves in the guidance office right next to the military recruitment videos. Students must have the opportunity to view other perspectives on the military and war."
       Dorrin Beaudin, guidance counselor, Hampshire Regional High School,
          Westhampton, MA    


Vietnam War • American Studies • Political Science • Sociology • Peace Studies • American History • Communications • Philosophy • Politics & Government • US Foreign Policy • Politics of Peace and Conflict • Contemporary Social Movements • Social Change • Media and Contemporary Culture

31 minutes • DVD

Purchase Price
Individuals and Local Grassroots Peace Groups - $29.95
• Community Organizations
  (Public Libraries, High Schools, and Community Groups) - $99
• Institutions (Colleges and Universities) - $199



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