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Directed by Robbie Leppzer

Produced by the Peer Educators,
Easthampton High School,
Easthampton, MA

29 minutes • DVD

       One of the most effective ways to help young people avoid the devastation of drug and alcohol abuse is by letting them hear the stories of former addicts. THE LONG ROAD BACK shows a group of high school students in an earnest and eye-opening encounter with recovering addicts, learning first-hand about both the costs of drug and alcohol abuse and the challenges of staying sober.

       The students videotape daily activities and record interviews with residents of Marathon House, an intensive residential treatment program in Springfield, Massachusetts. Residents share their personal histories of substance abuse and the impact it has had on their lives.  They talk candidly about losing family, friends, homes, livelihoods, and their own self-esteem, as a result of their drug and alcohol dependency.  The former addicts tell the students about how they came to terms with their addictions and how they hope to change their lives as a result of living at Marathon House.

       THE LONG ROAD BACK is a moving tribute to these courageous individuals in the process of recovery and healing from addiction.


        "THE LONG ROAD BACK is a compelling and thought-provoking documentary about recovering addicts.  This video is much more than the vacuous ‘Just Say No’ education all too familiar to young adults.  This video addresses the serious consequences of addiction without ‘preaching’ or using scare tactics. Because the video was conceived of and implemented by young adults, I believe it will appeal to young people. I recommend it for use with middle and high school students as an effective tool to provoke thoughtful discussions on substance use and abuse"
       Becky Lockwood, Associate Director, Youth Programs, Franklin Community Action              Corporation, Greenfield, MA

        "I watched THE LONG ROAD BACK with two 16-year-old students.  We felt it left us with a lot of good information about treatment, which is a missing piece in drug education today in schools.  The students felt the video gave some very good insight into what it’s like to be in treatment.  I will be using this video in my tenth grade health classes."
       Carol Staiti, Health Education Coordinator, Amherst Regional Schools, Amherst, MA

        "THE LONG ROAD BACK is a useful tool within a comprehensive alcohol and other drug abuse prevention/intervention curriculum.  A positive view of a treatment center is shown and stories from the recovering addicts seem realistic, focusing on the variety of losses experienced due to their addictions and the value and difficulty of the recovery process.  This video will be a helpful addition to a school or agency library."
       Gail Weirick, Prevention Specialist, Prevention ONE/Cooley Dickinson Hospital,           Northampton, MA     


Psychology • Social Work • Sociology • Mental Health • Social Problems • Substance Abuse • Addiction and Recovery • Health • Youth Issues • Healthcare

29 minutes • DVD

Purchase Price
Individuals - $29.95
• Community Organizations
  (Public Libraries, High Schools, and Community Groups) - $99
• Institutions (Colleges and Universities) - $159



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