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Produced in Association with HBO/Cinemax

Nationally Broadcast on Cinemax, Sundance Channel,

Link TV, and Free Speech TV

Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival

Narrated by Martin Sheen

ROBBIE LEPPZER - Director, Producer, Interviewer, Videographer, Editor,
and Sound Recordist

Excerpt Running Time: 6:49

        Narrated by actor Martin Sheen, this feature-length documentary chronicles the story pacifists Randy Kehler and Betsy Corner whose western Massachusetts home was seized by federal marshals and IRS agents after they publicly refused to pay federal taxes as a protest against war and military spending. When a young couple buys the contested home at action from the U.S. government for $5,400, they become involved in a political and moral battle much larger than what they originally bargained for. Full program running time: 90 minutes.


       "AN ACT OF CONSCIENCE is one of the most deeply moving films I’ve seen in years. It’s an anthem of praise—not just to a courageous couple, but to a beloved community that toughed it out against overwhelming odds and ultimately triumphed. Seeing this movie lifts your spirits, exhilarates, and offers hope."
       —Studs Terkel, Author of WORKING, HARD TIMES, "THE GOOD WAR", and COMING OF AGE

       "In telling the story of two courageous people who were willing to sacrifice their home to declare their opposition to war and militarism, this engaging documentary reminds us of the long and honorable tradition of civil disobedience in this country. AN ACT OF CONSCIENCE should serve as an inspiration to young people today in suggesting how one can live one's life in defiance of the violence around us."
       —Howard Zinn , Author of A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES

       "This brilliant documentary puts a human face on political protest through extraordinary acts by ordinary people. The film clearly shows the tension in American culture between commitment to self and family and a more universal sense of commitment to the world community. Never romanticized, AN ACT OF CONSCIENCE shows the human costs and dilemmas of living by one’s convictions."
       —Marty Haas, Professor of History, Adelphi University

       "A balanced riveting story."
      —Renee Graham, THE BOSTON GLOBE

About The Filmmaker

        Robbie Leppzer is an award-winning independent documentary director, producer, videographer, editor, and sound recordist, with thirty years experience producing over thirty independent film, video, and public radio documentaries for national and international distribution. His critically acclaimed works about contemporary social issues and multicultural themes have been broadcast globally by CNN International and broadcast nationally in the United States and Canada by PBS, CNN, Cinemax, Sundance Channel, HDNet, Black Entertainment Television, The Learning Channel, Link TV, Free Speech TV, National Public Radio, Pacifica Radio and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  

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