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86 minutes, 2019

Now Available on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital Download & Streaming

Filmmaker Robbie Leppzer Available For Speaking Engagements

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Democracy prevails when a nuclear engineer turned whistle-blower, a 93-year old grandmother, and a scrappy new governor join forces with a dedicated array of citizen activists to accomplish a rare grassroots environmental victory in closing an aging nuclear reactor in Vermont.

Filmed over five years, this 86-minute feature-length documentary chronicles the heated political battle to close the aging Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, located on the banks of the Connecticut River in southern Vermont.

POWER STRUGGLE follows the unfolding drama as citizen activists and elected officials – alarmed at increasing safety violations—took on the federal government and one of the biggest nuclear power companies in America to call for closure of the reactor when its original 40-year license expires.

The film captures perspectives on all sides of the controversy, including from local residents both for and against nuclear power, elected officials (including U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin), nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen, a Vermont Yankee spokesperson, and federal nuclear regulators.

A timely, inspiring story of democracy in action; about whether citizens’ voices will be heard against big moneyed interests, and what people are doing locally right now to make a difference for a sustainable energy future.

POWER STRUGGLE is also a warning about the toxic legacy of high-level radioactive waste that will remain at every nuclear power plant around the world indefinitely into the future. 

Directed and produced by Robbie Leppzer and Turning Tide Productions ,based in Wendell, MA, in association with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation).

For more information, to watch a trailer, or order a DVD, Blu-ray, HD digital download or streaming, visit:


    "Filmmaker Robbie Leppzer is remarkably sensitive regarding the nuances of his subject matter and protagonists. The result is filmmaking that is both compelling and thought provoking."
Geoff Gilmore, Director, Sundance Film Festival

Robbie Leppzer is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker with forty years experience directing over thirty independent film, video, and public radio documentaries for national and international distribution.

His critically acclaimed feature-length and short documentaries, as well as commissioned television news magazine segments, about contemporary social issues, grassroots activism, and multicultural themes have been broadcast by CNN International, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation HBO/Cinemax, PBS, CNN, Sundance Channel, HDNet, Free Speech TV, Link TV, National Public Radio, and Pacifica Radio.

Since 1985, Leppzer has been director of Turning Tide Productions, an independent documentary video production company located in Wendell, Massachusetts.

From the environmental protests of the 1970s, to the growing global peace, social justice and environmental movements of the new millennium, Leppzer has chronicled grassroots social movements over the last four decades.

“I film stories of people who stick their necks out to take risks for grassroots social change and build bridges across cultures,” says Leppzer.

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Award-winning independent documentary filmmaker Robbie Leppzer is available to speak on college campuses with a selected retrospective of his documentary films.

Watch Interview with Robbie Leppzer on DEMOCRACY NOW!
Download Leppzer Speaking Presentation Flyer (PDF)

       "After the screening, Leppzer skillfully elicited an usually lively and prolonged discussion. In a perceptive way, he built on the students’ knowledge and differing opinions to arrive at insights about media, democracy, and social change. His presentation was so successful that it remained a topic of conversation for the next several weeks."
       —Carlos Fontes, Ph.D., Professor of Communications,
     Worcester State College


Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival
Nationally Broadcast on Cinemax, Sundance Channel, Free Speech TV
and Link TV.

Narrated by actor Martin Sheen, this feature-length documentary chronicles the story of a family in western Massachusetts whose home was seized by federal marshals and IRS agents after they publicly refused to pay federal taxes as a protest against war and military spending. World Premiere, Sundance Film Festival.
90 minutes • DVD

"AN ACT OF CONSCIENCE is one of the most deeply moving films I’ve seen in years. Seeing this movie lifts your spirits, exhilarates, and offers hope."

        Studs Terkel
        Author of WORKING and "THE GOOD WAR"

Peace Patriots

Nationally Broadcast on Free Speech TV. Excerpts Nationally Broadcast on DEMOCRACY NOW! with Amy Goodman on LinkTV and Free Speech TV.

Narrated by actress and Air America Radio host, Janeane Garofalo, this feature-length documentary is an intimate portrait of American dissenters reflecting on their personal participation as engaged citizens in a time of war. The 78-minute film follows a diverse group of individuals, ranging in age from 13 to 74, including middle and high school students, college students, teachers, clergy, and war veterans from Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf, as they take part in vigils, marches, theater performances, and civil disobedience sit-ins to protest the U.S.war in Iraq. Nationally broadcast on Free Speech TV.
78 minutes • DVD

Featuring contemporary music by Grammy Award winner Steve Earle, Pete Seeger, Ani DiFranco, Billy Bragg, Jonatha Brooke, Stephan Smith, Saul Williams, DJ Spooky, and original music by John Sheldon.

In a time of sadness, thinking of the dead and maimed on both sides, THE PEACE PATRIOTS gives us hope and inspiration. I hope it will be shown widely.”
        —Howard Zinn,


A chronicle of a seminal event of 1970s’ environmental activism when 1,414 people were arrested in a civil disobedience protest at a nuclear power plant under construction in Seabrook, New Hampshire and jailed en masse in National Guard armories for two weeks. Nationally broadcast on Free Speech TV.
80 minutes •

A moving testimony about the impact of the Columbus legacy on the lives of indigenous people from North, South, and Central America. Nationally broadcast on Free Speech TV.
24 minutes •

FUTBOLITO: A Journey Through Central America
A chronicle of five New Engtland young people who travel through Guatemala and Nicaragua waging peace with "Hacky Sack" to show how a cooperative footgame can be used to make cross-cultural bridges. Nationally broadcast on Free Speech TV.
28 minutes •

Browse our  video collection of social issue and multicultural video documentaries available for purchase by educational institutions, community organizations, and individuals. Topics include: Contemporary Social Movements, The Americas, Indigenous People, The Vietnam War, Multicultural Arts, and Substance Abuse.

Many of Robbie Leppzer’s documentaries have been filmed in Western Massachusetts, while others feature people from Western Massachusetts engaged in projects around the world. To view our documentary titles related to Western Mass, click here.

Photo Credits: All website photos by Robbie Leppzer, unless otherwise noted.

Home Page Photo Credits: Maria Buscaglia (Top photo of Robbie Leppzer filming on location at the Roxbury Preparatory Public Charter School in Roxbury, MA for BEATING THE ODDS), Richard Bancroft (COLUMBUS DIDN'T DISCOVER US and catalog cover), Sara Elinoff (Middle photo of Robbie Leppzer, plus bottom photo of Leppzer filming on location in Condega, Nicaragua for FUTBOLITO: A JOURNEY THROUGH CENTRAL AMERICA).

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